One of the biggest challenges of wedding planning is dealing with family drama, emotions, and demands.  Owner of 100 Braid St Studios, Susan L. Greig, a former wedding and event planner, suggests that you ask parents or significant family members the following questions when starting to plan:

1. What do you feel are the three most important things about the wedding?
2. What are the three most important things you’d like to see happen?

Susan says this works especially well if relationships are strained and emotions about the wedding day are running high.  “These questions will make your family members feel valued, heard, and will help you and them identify what is really important.”  Sometimes something small like wearing an heirloom wedding accessory or a family ritual during a wedding reception can make all the difference in the world to a family member. In her experience, Susan says that tears are often shed when communication is opened, common ground is found, and very often you will find that your values do align.

“Assure the important people in your life that you will try to include as many of the important details to them into the day as you can. In the end you may not be able to do them all but you will have opened communication and set the stage for precious moments both before and during your wedding day.”

For a comprehensive discussion about this topic download our 100 Braid St Gift entitled  100 Braid St Weddings-Family Drama Suggestions & Tips

wedding planning checklist

Someone asked, someone got the ring. And now you’re both looking for a planning list. Most lists start a year or more in advance, but what if you only have a few months or even weeks to plan your dream wedding?

100 Braid St Makes it Easy
Our 100 Braid St Studios Wedding Planning Checklist takes a different approach.  It’s more of a “timeline” and will give you the needed reminders so that you know you are track.  You can start following our list as soon as you are engaged and you’ll find we list “To Do’s” chronologically; some items are identified as “urgent” if your wedding is short notice and there are links to websites to help with items like getting your marriage license.

Our goal at the studio is to help make wedding planning as relaxed and stress free as possible.  You can download the checklist here.

One of the greatest joys of any wedding day is celebrating your new love and that often involves some type of alcohol.

Here is a general Beverages Guideline for when you start planning your special day.  The BC Liquor Licensing Board website provides detailed information about laws and how much liquor you may serve to guests. All weddings or family events held at 100 Braid St Studios must obtain a Special Occasion Liquor License.

Beverages Guide
1 L Hard Liquor/Spirits = 20-22 drinks
750ml Wine or Champagne = 5 Glasses (5oz glass)
5 Gallon Beer Keg = 53 (12 oz glass)

Most guests will consume two drinks during the first hour of your event and one drink during each following hour. When planning an event serving wine, beer and spirits, the general rule of thumb is:
50% will prefer wine
30% will prefer beer
20% will prefer mixed drinks

These guidelines are general however you know your guests best and therefore the proportions may vary slightly.

If you’re not serving mixed drinks plan:
60% will prefer wine
40% will prefer beer

Whatever wedding venue you choose make sure to have someone bring the liquor licence as it needs to be posted close to where the liquor will be served. Some venues and/or wedding vendors however, will already have a licence and this may affect the decisions you make when wedding planning and choosing the spot for your wedding reception or venue–it’s one less detail for you to worry about.

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